I speak on outreach, forgiveness, evangelism, and communication. In my prior roles as business owner and director of volunteer organizations, I planned and lead multiple events, both long and short.

Speakers can make or break an event, and I have experienced both. My goal is to provide the information you need to determine if I am the speaker you are looking for. Thank you for your consideration.


  • I have been repeatedly told that I am very easy to work with. If you are looking for someone flexible and adaptable to your dynamic event, I am happy to help.
  • I have experience booking speakers and as a speaker. I am familiar with the routine and know what questions to ask.
  • If you wish, I will announce on my social media networks the speaking engagement to increase awareness.
  • A presentation tuned to the purpose of your gathering. Although turn-key presentations are easier on the speaker, they are less likely to connect with the audience and help you with your message.
  • Intentional follow-up after the event to insure your satisfaction.
  • Demonstrations and exercises which include the guests coming on stage can often communicate the message better than I can. While I would never make someone volunteer for an on-stage demonstration, there are always guests who enjoy the interaction and/or the chance to watch it.


I have been giving presentations since I was 15 years old to audiences large and small. For my first two years in college I majored in theater and continue to appreciate the stage.

I have been a guest speaker at business events, churches, non-profit organizations, and featured on the radio, TV, and in the newspaper.


To book a speaking engagement, send an email to info@2ndadamventures.com or message on Facebook. I will respond promptly.