I Am Not A Professor Of Evangelism

Some of you may have heard of Dn. Michael Hyatt either through his podcast on Ancient Faith Radio or from his business accomplishments associated with www.michaelhyatt.com. Recently someone described Dn. Hyatt as a professor (in his business setting) because he takes complex ideas and breaks them up into small edible pieces. That’s so true! Follow him for some time and you will be amazed at his ability to translate from complicated to simple.

This reminded me of what priests do for me. They, the theologically trained, take complex theological ideas and break them up into small edible pieces, either in the homily or one-on-one. As much as I love that, that’s not what I am doing.

You may find lots of great ideas on this website which appear simple, but I never assume the topic of evangelism is too complex for an Orthodox Christian. Instead, I assume (safely I hope) that I have been given something precious and I should share it with you. I spend about half the year traveling to Orthodox churches across America. In each one I learn something new, whether a way to greet visitors, or a protocol for parish council meetings. As I learn, this inspires me to share what I am learning with all the other Orthodox churches who have never heard these great ideas.

I am no longer the rookie in evangelism. However, my goal is not to be the expert, but the experienced journalist always seeking new ideas from our wide variety of Orthodox parishes across America. By experienced I mean doing a better and better job finding these ideas and sharing them with you.

May these ideas be a blessing and fill you with the love of God.

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