My Time In Pest Control Was Not Wasted

In 2004 I began working in the pest control and lawn care industry. In 2006 I went into business for myself with an emphasis in pest control. In 2007 I began to study the brown recluse spider, a common problem in America, after one of the little boogers fell out of the ceiling onto my wife at a preschool.

All those years of practicing, tweaking, and mastering a treatment plan for brown recluse have finally paid off. In 2014 I retired from pest control completely and moved into ministry. Many times I have wondered if my time there was wasted.

In the image above you can see my new book, DIY Brown Recluse Control, is listed as #1 in the Kindle Store>Do It Yourself. Even though I have moved on,  investment in learning all about the brown recluse is helping people.

Sometimes we have to wait many years to see the fruits of our labor. However, we still need to till the soil, plant the seed, and give it water. God will cause the growth. In your own parish you may not be seeing the growth because that is not your job. Your job is to plant seeds and water them. It may be many years before those seeds you planted become #1 best sellers in your parish.

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