Have You Been To The Happiest Place On Earth?

  • Happiness has little value to me compared to joy. I hope this is true for the average Orthodox Christian. I speak of happiness because today begins the busiest week of the year for Disney World, which claims to be the happiest place on Earth.

The more important question is: where is the most joyous place on earth? I am not a theologian, but I speculate the answer is the church. If someone visits your church on a Sunday morning, do they sense the joy of the resurrection?

“Is your church the most joyful place in town?”

Answering that question should lead to another question. Does your town view your church as the most joyous place around? All parishes need a constant reminder that we are a joyful Christian community. Think about it: every Sunday we celebrate the joy of the resurrection. We need that weekly reminder. Even during Lent we keep that joy in front of us as our destination.

Your parish needs a regular reminder of the reason for our joy, and that we are supposed to share this joy with the world. The purpose of evangelism is simple: to share the joy which Christ has given us. The method is a little harder.

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