Recapping The First Four Sides

Day 26 of 40:

Side One: Internal Evangelism
Side Two: External Evangelism

These two items are equally vital to our Christianity and should balance each other. Fr. Wilbur Ellsworth in Warrenville, IL said it this way, “When people come to the doors of our church, you are not there for their salvation. They are there for yours.” Spiritual formation needs to be happening inside of us and we need to be helping others with their own spiritual formation. Also, we need to allow others to help us with our spiritual formation. Too much focus on one or the other creates an imbalance in our lives.

Side Three: Current Relationships
Side Four: New People

If we only focus on current relationships, then we have no room to share our love with strangers. If we avoid relationships, then we have no room for deep love in our soul. In both instances we are called to be a conduit of God’s love. If we avoid one or the other, then our conduit will be insufficient.

The next two sides are the final two of the cube. We will look at two kinds of faith.