Side One Of The Cube: Internal Evangelism

Day 22 of 40: I was introduced to the idea of an evangelism cube during a fundraising class. The cube was useful, kinesthetic, and engaging. Once I thought about evangelism in relation to the fundraising cube, my thoughts organized quickly. One of my favorite aspects of the cube was the way it communicated the value of balance, which I will explain in detail tomorrow.

A cube has three opposing, or opposite sides to it. For example, if you pick up a die, you will notice that one and six are on opposite sides, two and five, and three and four.

The number one on the die represents internal evangelism. Internal evangelism is about who you are on the inside, or maybe who you are when no one is looking. The way we describe who we are on the inside is “spiritual formation.” Factors which influence internal evangelism include prayer, fasting, confession, and so on. We need these items for both giving and receiving evangelism, because who we are on the inside influences how we share the good news. Also, this reminds us that we need to be continually evangelized for the rest of our lives. Evangelism is really about everyone becoming closer and closer to the good news, who is a person in the form of Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow we will talk the opposite side of internal evangelism.