The One Thing We Should Do During Coffee Hour

Day 17 of 40: Today’s post draws on a interview I did with Fr James Kordaris, chairman of the department of missions, evangelism, and stewardship for the GOA. Today I am writing about the dangers and blessings of coffee hour in terms of evangelism.

As I travel around the parish hall, I rarely hear a particular type of conversation. There is a lack of conversation about God and how he is working in our loves. There is a lack of awareness that coffee hour is an extension of the Liturgy. What better time is there for me to share with parishioners how God has worked in my life the past week?

Evangelism is not meant for non-Christians only. There are many levels of evangelism. For Orthodox Christians, evangelism takes the form of re-catechesis. This means my stories can help people during coffee hour. This means, more than anything else, a priest talking about God during coffee hour leads the way for his parish to do the same.

Imagine a coffee hour where we share our real struggles and blessings. Imagine a coffee hour centered around God. That is the vision we need in front of us. The priest, as the spiritual leader of his parish, is the most effective in leading this vision.

So I ask again: What is the one thing we should do during coffee hour? Re-center our focus on God and his presence in our lives.