What Laity Need To Avoid Evil

“This is the cause of all evils, the not knowing the Scriptures. We go into battle without arms, and how are we to come off safe?” (Hom. IX  On Colossians)

Day 15 of 40: Knowing the stories of the Bible not only equips me when speaking with a non-Christian, but it also protects me from evil. Are we communicating the stories of the Bible in a way Americans can understand. If you give homilies, are you sure the congregation understands your stories? Are they internalizing the stories and can repeat them back? This one of the primary reasons, if not the primary reason for the homily. This is why the homily always comes after the gospel reading, whether immediately after or at the end of the service, it is always a way to help those who are present internalize the story they just heard. For are not the gospels a true story of Jesus’s earthly ministry?

People can easily think of their favorite movie or book and recount the story. Are we making sure that our congregations have a favorite, or several favorite stories from the Bible? I believe it is okay to have a favorite story, or maybe a favorite parable, because we are individuals. However, we need to learn all the stories. If a woman is struggling with materialism, then the story of the prodigal son will help. If a man is struggling with helping someone who hates him, then the story of the Good Samaritan will help. This continues with story after story. For example, if a man is not sure we can ever hear God, then he needs to hear the story of Elijah to know how quiet God is.

Keeping evil away could be as simple as knowing more Godly stories, and the best place to start is the Bible.