Can You Believe It?

Day 13 of 40: Me at a meal with a friend:

“I have been learning about a man named Paul who lived in the 1st century and his story is incredible. He was a great lawyer who worked for the Jews finding Christians and killing them or putting them in jail. He then has this weird experience and goes blind but claims he can hear God talking to him. In the conversation God asks Paul why he is killing and torturing good people. Paul realizes how he had been acting and decides he wants to be a different person. Then God tells Paul to go to the next town and wait on a man named Ananias. Paul goes to town and hangs out at a bar. Soon after Ananias shows up, lays his hands on Paul to pray for him and Paul gets his sight back. After that Paul spends the rest of his life trying to tell everyone how loving and merciful God is if people would just say they were sorry and change their ways. He spends years traveling and telling this message. Eventually heĀ is arrested for his public speaking (about how loving God is). Paul asks for a government trial in front of the emperor of Rome. The emperor decides to have Paul killedĀ because he won’t change his public speaking about a loving God. And I really think this stuff happened because nobody dies for a lie. People are willing to die to protect people, or die to help someone, but nobody dies knowing they are covering up a lie. And the people who wrote down Paul’s story were killed for telling the truth, not lies. What do you think?”

Tomorrow I will share the story of “Average Joe”.