Use Your Own Words

Day 12 of 40: Have you ever heard one of the parables this way?

“An 18 year old went to his rich father and asked for his half of the estate. The father said it would take a few days to make arrangements and put the other half of the estate in the older brother’s name. 

Three days later the young man approached his father about the money. The father said arrangements had just been finalized and he could write a check for the one million dollars. The son took the money and spent the next two years buying everything he ever wanted. Parties, cars, women, and water front apartments were just part of what he spent his money on. 

After the money ran out the young man became a begger. One day while digging through some trash cans for food the young brother realized that even the farm hands on his fathers estate ate better than this. He decided to return home and ask for a job.

When the young brother was within sight of the estate the father came running out of the house wearing two different shoes. The father was so excited to see his son that he grabbed the only shoes he could find. He held his son and wept for many moments. Then he asked one of the employees to butcher their best cow for a feast.

During the butchering the older son heard about the return of his brother. With a bad attitude the older son went to his father and complained that he had always done the right thing and had never been given any money or livestock to enjoy with his friends. The father said, with a smile on his face, that everything he owned would pass to the older son. However, this was a time to celebrate, because he thought his son was dead but has now returned.

The younger brother learned the danger of putting his hopes and dreams in money. The older brother learned  that our reward for good behavior does not always come when we want it to.”

How would you tell the parable of the prodigal son?