Three Components Of A Christian Storyteller

Day 11 of 40: Well, it’s Black Friday for many or a day to relax for the rest of us. While we are spending time with friends and family we can practice our storytelling skill set. Yesterday I explained how storytelling is one of the lesser appreciated qualities of Christianity.

As Christians we need to learn three types of storytelling. The first kind  involves stories from the Bible. A good starting place is telling the parables.

The second kind of storytelling is your own story. Do you have your own story of how God has worked in your life? This kind of storytelling is harder but can also be more powerful.

The third kind of storytelling requires awareness. Notice where God is currently working in the world, either through a person or group, and be able to share their story. For example, I love to tell stories about IOCC. They have great stories about the work they are doing all over the world.

Over the next several days we will further examine these different ways of storying. For now, find your favorite stories.