Two Skill Sets We All Need

Day 10 of 40: Yesterday I wrote about the internalization of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This internalization is an ever lasting experience. However, two skill sets should begin to emerge out of this internalization: humility and storytelling. This may seem like a strange combination, so read on as I share how these two skill sets are integral parts of our Christianity.

I have been saying for awhile that the missing ingredient in American Christianity is humility. Does your parish understand humility? If so, then I rejoice with you. If not, then you know what you need to work on. A great way to teach humility in a parish is to share some humiliating stories and how they helped you grow as a person.

Storytelling is one of the lesser appreciated qualities of Christianity and yet was heavily demonstrated by Christ. If we are called to be Christlike, then why are we not improving as storytellers? Storytelling is how Jesus communicated the gospel. Storytelling is a skill set we all need if we are to be Christlike. As a baby step, try telling the parables in your own words using modern language.

Tomorrow I will share the three key components of a Christian storyteller. Oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving!