Are You Trustworthy?

Day 8 of 40: Yesterday I wrote about our need to share good news, that this need is written into the very fabric of creation. I was reminded of this aspect of creation by Fr. Hans Jacobse, a priest in southern Florida.

However, when an ant shares good news with the rest of the colony, the ant is speaking from a place of credibility. The same was true for St. Paul on Mars Hills. When he began speaking, he spoke from a place of credibility by referencing their unknown God. St. Paul knew his audience and they knew him.

The way we effectively grow the amount of people in our lives is by being credible. When we think, speak, and act Orthodox, we are credible.

To say this another way, before we can begin sharing the good news of the gospel,we need to make sure we have internalized the good news of Jesus Christ. Once we have done that, we will be acting from a credible place. Next we will look at some of the symptoms of internalizing the gospel.