Unaware Of Loneliness

Day 4 of 40: In the beginning of my work with the Becoming Truly Human ministry, I was made aware of three problems which plague humanity: loneliness, dissatisfaction, and the fear of death.

As I shared my thoughts about these problems with my wife, she immediately resonated with the presence of loneliness in our church community. I sat and listened as she shared story after story about people in our church who she knew to be lonely. Since then it has been her mission (and mine when I am not selfish) to seek out those who may be lonely.

“May” is the key word. I quickly discovered in joining my wife that many of those who are lonely at our church are not vocal about it. We had to create an unawareness which watched for their loneliness. If you are looking for a simple way to share the gospel with others, then consider finding the lonely people in your life and give them some attention. It is simple but harder than we realize.