A Surprise In Prescott, AZ

On June 4th I was blessed to give two presentations at St. George Orthodox Christian Church in Prescott, AZ. An argument has ensued since about who has been blessed more by that trip, me or the people of St. George.

w11-3c_s-2I was greeted at the airport by my correspondent, who had taken a 5 AM bus ride to meet me. The 90 minute car ride with Kenny from the Phoenix airport to Prescott was pleasant and fun (especially the donkey crossing signs!) There was also some beautiful Navajo art conveying the beauty of the rattlesnake at several of the exit ramps. Then as we walked up to the church door I was greeted by several people with smiles and a welcome packet deep with quality and information.

During the service I witness multiple smiles and “thank you for being here” comments by people who did not know I was visiting to make a presentation. During coffee hour multiple people asked me to sit and chat with them, introduced themselves, and made it one of the most hospitable coffee hours I have had in a while.

When I returned home I showed the welcome packet to my wife and son. The gasps and “Oh wow” was just as exciting for me as it was for her. As someone who has been a member of the Orthodox Christian faith since she was 3, it is rare that printed materials impress my wife. She immediately wanted to share with her mother and father, the priest and khouria of our parish, this wonderful packet of information.

In short, we never know what a parish is doing in a small corner of America, but at least we now know about the efforts of this parish. St. George is on a trajectory to have a great impact on the community of Prescott, AZ. May God bless and multiply their efforts.