When Will I Die?

Many have a hard time believing in the Christian God who we claim is all-good and all-powerful. How can that same God allow children to die of cancer, be kidnapped, or experience other horrible abuses? If God is all-good, then he should not let bad things happen to me. If he is all-powerful, then how does he decide when to let people make mistakes? Of course I want him to let me make my own mistakes, but don’t let that bad guy over there hurt my family!

think eternity

What if there is a correlation between the moment we die and the likelihood of going to heaven? If we add another Judeo-Christian attribute to God, omni-present, then he knows what happens before and after death. There are two possible answers for when bad things happen to good people and it causes death. The first answer comes from living in a world of free will. Free will produces consequences which are both good and bad. We all have to live, or die, with those consequences. Now consider these consequences compounding for thousands of years. This is one possibility of why bad things happen to good people, or rather why good people can experience horrible deaths. We are not exempt from the consequences of others, and they are not exempt from the ripples of our mistakes.

The other possible reason we die when we die is related to eternity. Christians believe we have an eternal presence even after our physical body dies. We also believe that how we live out eternity is affected by how we live on this earth? Also, our death can be a strong influence on how we exist in eternity. What if my grandfather died in his early sixties from a stroke, denying his wife, my grandmother, his children, his grandchildren, more time with him because God knew that was the best moment which created the strongest influence for him to spend eternity in a loving state. What if all that pain, and suffering, and crying was over a temporary loss, but God knew our temporary loss was better than eternal loss? While we were thinking of death, God was taking into account my grandfather’s eternal soul. This is a perspective none of us have or can have.

I believe an all-good God will find the best moments for death. At the time of death it may not make any sense, but that is because we are thinking in terms of this world only. God thinks beyond time, beyond this world. God is all-good because he cares about our eternity. Maybe that is why we die when we die.

Question: Is death the end?