Evangelism Part 11: Final Thoughts

Over the past few months we have learned the following about Attentive Evangelism. I added the word attentive to remind us of the spirit of evangelism and distance ourselves from what our modern society has experienced under the umbrella of “American Evangelism.”

  1. The definition.
  2. How we treat those we dislike matters.
  3. Ask more questions.
  4. Listen as if you are interested.
  5. Be slow to fix and quick to love.
  6. Respect free will the way God respects yours.
  7. Learn how to tell the story of God in your life.
  8. Stop arguing and have more conversations.
  9. Humility is the missing ingredient.
  10. Replace comfortable with comforting.


What is the gospel? What is the good news? That God, our creator, is a God of love, and out of His immense love sacrificed Himself so that we may live forever with Him. The greatest love of all is to sacrifice oneself for another, and God has done that for us. Evangelism requires sacrifice for one another, humility, and sharing why. It requires doing that which we do not want to do; embracing those who are different than us. And so here is our final question.

Question: Are we speaking the truth in love?