Evangelism Part 10: Replace Comfortable With Comforting

A friend of mine taught me that everyone is slaying their own dragons. Trying to make them comfortable during this battle is not the best solution. However, if we allow God to love this person through us, to comfort this person, then we are helping in a time of suffering.


Years ago a friend visited church with me and told me at the end that the service made him uncomfortable. I wish I could have responded with, “Yes, but were you comforted?” Love can be received or rejected. God’s love is unrelenting and unending, and yet even we Christians find many moments to reject it. Remember this when offering comfort to someone. This person may or may not receive your comfort.

We know how to comfort because we have been comforted. Think back to your parents or loved ones during hard times. The comfort they provide is the same comfort we need to provide. God is not interested in making us comfortable, because that is not true love. God, in the person of the Holy Spirit, is also known as the Great Comforter. He is known as someone who gives great comfort. This is our model. This is also evangelism, to comfort others because God first comforted you. And He uses people to comfort people. Sometimes He will speak directly to you, but more often than not He will use people to comfort people. Both sides receive healing of the soul. Both sides are comforted when that is what we seek.

Question: Do you care more about being comfortable or offering comfort?