Evangelism Part 7: The Storyteller

We all enjoy a good story. As children we learned some of the most valuable life lessons from stories, such as Aesop’s Fables and the parables of Jesus.

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Stories are able to communicate a message without arguements and bickering. We can learn from stories even now. Sharing doctine with someone who does not believe in the Bible often causes problems, but telling a story of how God has worked in your life is hard to disagree with. That is your story! Do not be afraid share what you have seen, experienced, and done. God is as present in our lives as we let Him, and the story of His presence is profound. Your faith has moved mountains (obstacles in your life), and now you can tell others.

If you would like a little homework, then start memorizing stories from the Bible. The best place to start is the parables. Once you know and fully understand them, start learning and retelling the other stories of the Bible. Practice telling the stories without referencing scripture or the Bible. All of the stories in the Bible are powerful enough on their own without having to quote their source. Jesus did not give references for his parables, because the message was made clear in the telling. He was a storyteller.

Question: Are you ready to tell more stories?