Evangelism Part 6: This Thanksgiving

Family time during the holidays is difficult for many. Old grudges, annoying relatives, and opinionated opinions flying across the dinner table. One of the keys to Attentive Evangelism, and a good dinner conversation, is to respect everyone’s free will the way God respects yours.

This Thanksgiving

It is easy to think we are correct and others are incorrect. Do we realize how often we irritate and offend others? Do we realize how often we hurt others with self-righteous language. I remember being told a few years ago by a friend that he no longer wanted to be right. Instead he wanted to be remembered for doing the right thing. He finally understood how people were viewing him when he was right and how gracious doing the right thing was.

I believe that grace should be a key part of your family time during the holidays. Doing the right thing instead of making sure you are right helps you respect the free will of others. Plenty of times in my life, too many times, I believed I was 100% right only to find out I was wrong. As crushing as this moment is, this moment also serves as a reminder on how to treat others who are not acting the way you want them to. Give everyone grace to think, act, and speak according to their free will. God is doing the same for you.

Question: Are your actions, thoughts, and words filled with grace?