Evangelism Part 5: Are We Quick To Love?

I know a gentleman who has had a rough year. Despite the rough year and the brokenness from the betrayel of someone close to him, his mother continues to preach at him with scripture.


How we speak to others matters. When you are with someone who is broken, quoting scripture in a self-righteous manner will not bring him closer to God. There is even scripture which instructs us to be careful when sharing scripture, “do not cast pearls before swine.”

I know this man has had moments of feeling like swine, so I did not rebuke him with scripture. Instead I rebuked him with my love, my caring, and my attentiveness. I paid attention. I listened.

His mother continues to be preachy which pushes him away. Sharing scripture with him is not working right now, but other things are. We need to find and watch for those opportunities to love the swine into becoming pearls.

Question: Are we quick to love?