Evangelism Part 3: How Do We Answer?

3534516458_48e4e8595f_zThroughout the Old and New Testament of the Bible is an interesting evangelism technique not commonly seen today. Today’s average person will directly answer a question about faith. Why is it that when God was asked a question about faith He often responded with a question?

In the book of Job, Job suffered. At the end of the book Job asks a series of questions. God responds with questions. Job is satisfied. There is something in our fallen human nature which desires to find the answer on our own.

The fall could be described as Adam and Eve not believing God’s answer as to the consequences from eating that particular forbidden fruit. They wanted to find the answer for themselves. Even now I will find an answer in my life only to hear my wife say, “I have been saying that to you for years.”

Only one man had all the answers, and He often answered with questions. Remember Jesus being asked by what authority did He do these things?

It is only with more questions that we can eventually help someone find the answer. I try to follow these guidelines:

1. Ask five questions in response to their first question.

2. Listen to their answers with the goal of understanding, not replying.

3. Be okay with not having the answer, but wanting to find it.

Question: If Jesus did not always answer a question, then should we do the same?