My New Book: “100 Naturals Ways To Grow A Church”

100-Natural-Ways_Book-Cover_FINALIn 100 Natural Ways To Grow A Church, you will read about current ideas, programs, outreach activities which have been collected from churches throughout North America.

These 100 entries are success stories which are feasible, simple, and happening in churches today. Many of us are waking up to the “why” in evangelism but are still lacking the “how.” These stories from churches across North America collectively teach us how we can have a loving impact on our local communities.

Read what people are saying:

“Our Lord Jesus Christ called His followers to be light, salt, and yeast in society. In other words, we are to offer a witness of God’s Love and Good News to all people everywhere. Too often, though, our Churches remain closed and stagnant, uninterested in sharing our great treasure of faith with those outside our faith community. Even those communities that want to faithfully follow Christ’s evangelistic call, often don’t know how to do it. This creative little book by Adam Lowell Roberts answers the question “how” by offering 100 practical and easy ideas for a congregation to implement, so that they can take more seriously their role in offering Christ’s light to the world around us.”
Father Luke A. Veronis, Director of the Missions Institute of Orthodox Christianity.

“Adam Roberts has created an amazingly practical and helpful resource. This is exactly what local parishes need to help them reach their communities for Christ.”
Deacon Michael Hyatt, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Creating vibrant communities is our first priority as members of the Body of Christ.  The parish is the primary icon of Christ in the world and our local communities.  This short book provides clergy and lay members alike simple, direct, and easy to implement ideas that can enliven any community.”
Father Evan Armatas, Pastor of St. Spyridon’s Greek Orthodox Church, Loveland, Colorado
Host of “Orthodoxy Live” on Ancient Faith Radio

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