Forgiveness Day 30: Where Do I Go From Here?

Over the last 30 posts on forgiveness my heart has been tested. I have experienced an increase of attacks on me and my family. I knew this would happen, because I told God I wanted more forgiveness in my heart. I believe when we ask for help with any emotion or temptation God then provides opportunities to overcome those temptations. When I asked God to “create in me a clean heart” I knew I was also challenging the devil. The opportunities to forgive have been plentiful, and I can thankfully say that today in this moment I have no resentment in my heart towards anyone. 

I cannot make promises or guarantees about the future because I can only control my happiness in the present opportunities.I choose to be happy right now. I choose to let go of the hurt right now.

If you are looking for daily guidance on forgiveness, then the next step is a daily visit to the book of Psalms. I know of some people who have read an excerpt from Psalms every day for years because it instill peace. I began my journey of forgiveness in the Psalms and can vouch for the power and validity.

Thank you for joining me in this 30 post journey towards an attitude of forgiveness. Although we all made progress, I hope we also learned that it takes daily focus and intent to keep peace in our hearts. Just a couple of days ago I was struggling to forgive someone but within minutes decided to try and defend that person to my wife. I immediately felt not only better, but then sympathy and compassion for the person.

We travelled through four categories: realizations, visualizations, methods, and habits. The realizations were revealing the truths and misconceptions about forgiveness. The visualizations, like holding hot coals, helped us understand the damage of unforgiveness. Methods are practical and measurable steps we can take towards forgiveness. Habits help us prepare for the problems and attacks which will happen.

Just as St. John wrote “God is love,” i would also argue that God is forgiveness. May your relationships strengthen, your peace deepen, and your forgiveness always be ready.

Questions: How has your understanding of forgiveness changed over the last 30 posts?