Forgiveness Day 24: Humility Is Humiliating

This past January my bishop asked me to learn how to chant church music.  That’s like learning how to ride a bike at 36. Imagine an adult learning how to ride in front of everyone at the park while constantly falling over.

 Humility can be a powerful tool towards forgiveness, because it reminds us who we are. There are some misconceptions around the word humility. The definition I am referring to is “an accurate self-image.”

Attempting to do an activity we are not good at reminds us of our imperfections. This reminder softens our hearts towards those who have hurt us. It also keeps our pride in check, which can inflame when we are hurt.

I am not suggesting to make yourself look ridiculous. Just try some activities outside of your comfort zone you know you are not good at. It is easy for us to subconsciously think we are better than other people. Exploring beyond our comfort zone helps us appreciate the vast differences in human race.

This exercise may seem bizarre, but it works. Stretching our comfort zone helps us focus on how we want to improve instead of focusing on the hurt someone created. There are lots of activities and hobbies to try: painting, jogging, scrapbooking, drawing, word puzzles, carpentry, sports, etc. You probably know what you are not good at. Do that particular activity to help remind yourself of the frailty we are all struggling with.

Question: Is your pride in check?