Forgiveness Day 23: How Does Death Change Forgiveness?

What if you found out you were dying? Maybe three months, maybe six months to live. Everything would take on a new perspective. Would you hold onto the same grudges? Would you allow resentment to remain?

The awareness of death is beneficial. Many of us are scared of death or maybe even deny it will happen. Considering our mortality helps us focus on the important matters of life, and forgiveness is towards the top of the list. Some are seeking forgiveness at the end of their life while others are giving it. Death brings a desire for communion and reconciliation.

What if the person you will not forgive died without warning? Would you regret not giving him/her forgiveness? Once again we can see how death brings awareness. With so much uncertainty about what will happen after we die, resolving matters of the heart while still alive is important. Even though the decision to forgive happens in the mind, the process of forgiveness which follows that decision happens in the heart.

Question: Does death encourage you to forgive?