Forgiveness Day 20: Road Rage

Do we ask ourselves why people do the things they do? If someone is trying to cut you off, are you forgiving and let the person over?

Last October I took a life-changing driver’s ed class. The instructor, Mrs Smith, told us stories I think about all the time to help us see the possible big picture. These stories help me let go of anger and frustration while driving.

Mrs. Smith has a close friend who used to be an aggressive driver. The friend was always cutting people off but never letting other drivers cut in. If someone came up behind the friend, then she would slow down to teach them a lesson.

One day someone was trying to get around the friend for about five to ten minutes. When the road opened up another lane the orher driver was able to pulled ahead. The friend said the other driver looked over at her with an eerie expression. As the car pulled past her, the friend was able to see someone in the back seat giving CPR.

The friend pulled over and wept. She realized her aggressive driving might prevent someone from reaching the ER in time.

Mrs Smith said that her friend has been a different driver ever since, and a different person.

Question: Are you letting other drivers place resentment in your heart?