Forgiveness Day 16: Maybe You Just Haven’t Suffered Enough?

My wife, who is a pharmacy technician, has tried to explain the half life of a drug to me several times. I think I finally understand that the half-life is when half of the drug is used up in the body. At that moment a person can safely take another dose of the drug.


Overtime we can build up resistance to the drug. The resistance can lower the initial effects of the drug and/or reduce the half-life. Resistance can cause a person to need more of the drug to have the same initial effects or cause it not to work at all.

Unforgiveness has a half-life. In the beginning we can feel powerful in our unforgiveness. After awhile the high wears off. We have to increase the amount of resentment to maintain the high. This can only lead to an all-consuming hate.

Forgiveness, when viewed as a way of life, transcends this half-life. Forgiveness transcends the need for a resentful high.

Question: Are you addicted to unforgiveness?