Forgiveness Day 11: Red Hot Resentment Or A Cool Summer Breeze

There is a frog story in the south used to explain awareness. Put a frog in cold water and gradually increase the heat to a boiling temperature. The frog stays put unaware the temperature is gradually increasing. Some have even said the frog will stay put and die without knowing what is happening. However, if you place the frog directly into boiling water, then it jumps out.


Unforgiveness begins in the same wat. As time goes on, unforgiveness boils our insides. The resentment festers to a point of cooking us. In the movie Popeye with Robin Williams, when Bluto gets mad his vision is seen through a red lens. Red also represents heat. Unforgiveness can boil us to the point of seeing the world through the same red lens as Bluto.

Forgiving brings a cool breeze on a hot summer day. We do not realize we are overheated until the breeze comes.  Hunting dogs are known to push themselves as far as the owner requests to a point of overheating and dying. Training a dog for summer hunting includes learning how to watch for signs of overheating.

I wonder if we give ourselves the same courtesy. Do we realize the damage being done from red hot resentment? Do we realize we are experiencing the intense loneliness of hell? We control the temperature of our resentment, and we always benefit from turning it down.

Question: Does unforgiveness create hell on earth?