Forgiveness Day 5: What Are You Waiting For?

The word “assumption” has a bad reputation. However, when used effectively assumptions can boost forgiveness. Assumptions can move you along the river of forgiveness when a fallen tree is blocking you. Assumptions can also look like this:


Sometimes we are waiting to see someone repent before we grant forgiveness. We visualize ourselves as a royal king knighting the penitent person in front of us, “Upon thee, sir offender, I bestow my most precious and valuable forgiveness. May you ever honor this blessing!”

The first assumption is the hardest. Assume the person will never change. Forgiveness does not depend upon any form of change or acknowledgement from the other person.

  • Assume the person will not ask for forgiveness. Most people are too embarrassed.
  • Assume the person does not know you are hurt. Unless you mentioned it directly, the person does not know.
  • Assume you were hurt out of weakness in the other person, not malice. True malice is rare.

The last assumption involves communication. Are you sure of what happened, what was said? Communication is the number one problem of every company which has ever existed. This means it is the number one problem in relationships. Assume you misunderstood at least part of what happened, if not all of it. If you are waiting to understand what happened, you may be waiting a long time.

Question: What are you assuming about forgiveness?