Forgiveness Day 3: A Mother’s Day Wish

So many are estranged from their parents on a holiday like today. Sometimes it is the parent struggling to forgive a son or daughter, or the other way around. Today can help put things in perspective, and perspective is an important piece of forgiveness.


If you have a close friend or relative you have not been speaking with, Mother’s Day might help you see the bigger picture of life. Most insults and hurts are done out of weakness, not malice. Also, even more of them are committed without the offender’s knowledge. Are you sure the other person knows they hurt you?

A while back I was looking in the mirror at my unforgiveness. I was miserable, upset, and having a difficult time forgiving someone. I kept looking at my unhappy face and spoke this out loud, “You let (person’s name) take away your happiness. It’s time to take it back.” I sought out my son and within 30 minutes I was laughing and smiling again. Later that day I realized the person would never want to hurt me, that I had been holding onto a perceived grudge and allowing misery to control my happiness.

God gave each of us free will. Do we realize how often we use our free will to hurt other’s. Maybe today is the day we realize the value of humility. Maybe today is the day we realize we need each other. Maybe today is the day we realize that true humanity requires community, because without community and the power to forgive there would be no Mother’s Day.

My mother is the most sinless person I know, and continues to forgive me for all of the negligence, haste, and impatience I have with her. Her attitude of forgiveness is beacon to all who know her. She reminds me that God is not only love, God is also forgiveness. God’s forgiveness is not a transaction. My mother’s forgiveness flows from her at all times, the same way God’s grace is always available. To forgive is to follow the footsteps of God, and my mother has never stopped holding my hand towards the path of righteousness.

May your Mother’s Day be filled with love, peace, and the power of reconciliation.

Question: Did you know that the more grace you give away the more will be given to you?