Forgiveness Day 1: Science Proves Forgiveness Is For Everyone, Not Just Religious People

In 1985 the only people who talked about forgiveness were doing it in some way related to a religious teaching. Dr. Robert Enright, a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin, sought to change that. He began clinical research on forgiveness and established the International Forgiveness Institute in 1994. He wanted to prove that forgiveness was beneficial on an anatomical and physiological level. Dr. Enright “created the first scientifically proven forgiveness program in the country” (


His revolutionary work showed that forgiveness can be a development of capabilities, like reasoning. From that he developed a 20 step process of forgiveness. The process can be found in the book Forgiveness Is A Choice, published by the American Psychological Association.

Here is the good news. Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Athiest, or Agnostic, there is scientific evidence that forgiveness is critical to your well being.

Question: Did you know forgiveness was not limited to religious people?