I Save That Up For Church

I shared this dialogue last week on Facebook. The more I thought about our conversation I realized that we all do this with different parts of our lives.


We were in the car heading to the store, only a 10-15 minute drive. Her iPod was dead and my wife was using her phone to make a shopping list. The “I’m bored” was exasperated and dramatic. Within days I realized I might be like her.

I wonder if I save up my good works for when people are watching. Do I save my politeness for those who will benefit me? Do I believe that God is always watching what I do? It is easy to give into our temptations: Entertain me and do not make me work for it!

My family traveled a lot when I was growing up, so I was able to visit a variety of churches. There was a popular/unpopular message in the 90’s to church hoppers which I heard only a few times. Some detested the message and some embraced it. “If you are sitting in your seat waiting for me, the pastor, to entertain and dazzle you, to pump you up until next Sunday only to be fizzled out by Wednesday, then you are in the wrong place and searching for the wrong thing.”

Question: What are we searching for?