I Am Asking More Questions

The main technique in my job is getting Christians to ask more questions instead of trying to give more answers. Recently an argument was swelling between my daughters over marbles. My youngest one was getting frustrated and I knew the problem, “Evie are you listening to Audrey?” Of course she said yes. “Audrey do you feel like Evie is listening to you?” When Evie heard no her expression and body language shifted. Evie did not expect that answer.


During a recent flight to Miami someone asked me if I was with the Orthodox Church when I pulled out “The Orthodox Church” by Timothy Ware. The old me would have gone into a 5-10 elaborate answer and description of my love for the Orthodox Church. Instead I said, “Oh, what do you know about the Orthodox Church.” Thank God I did! She had several negative experiences she shared with me about a co-worker and the co-worker’s “ethnic before Orthodox” church. After learning as much as I could I finally gave an answer to her, but now my answer was informed response to her negative experiences.

Most Christians have noticed that Jesus answered several people with questions in the gospels.How many of us notice that God did the same thing in the Old Testament? This was not a new practice of God’s, but rather how He always handles our questions when we are not ready for the answer. This helped me see how often I try to give answers to people who are not ready for answers, and instead should be asked questions. Evie responded better to my questions than to my instructions.

Since I adopted the technique of asking more questions instead of giving more answers, my evangelism has been more successful in the last six months than all of the previous 15 years combined.

Question: Are you ready to ask more questions?

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