Going Deaf And Still Smiling

I am not deaf, but definitely headed there. As a child I read Tarzan and Doc Savage which developed a desire of heightened senses. The authors of both would claim one could strengthen our senses, but my hearing continues to decline.

canyouhearmeI first noticed this loss back in September of 2012 during a hearing test my anatomy and physiology professor was offering. It was clear that I had the hearing of someone in their fifties when I was 33.

My wife has always been a mumbler, so my hearing loss is causing more stress on her than me. Also, many people speak to me thinking I can hear them, and I am unaware that they are trying to. I admit that there is a kind of peace which comes from hearing loss, but I would rather have my hearing. There is a chance I can slow my hearing loss, because it is likely to have come from mowing without ear protection. I keep wondering if I should order one of those Whisper 2000s from the infomercials.

I find myself getting lost in my thoughts more than I used to. They are easier to hear. They always make sense, and they are starting to get louder in my quiet world. My request is this: if you know someone with hearing loss please be patient. We are doing the best we can. We did not choose to ignore you. We really did not hear what you said. For those who are observing Lent, take advantage of this opportunity to have a little more quiet time. There is a reason so many people in the Bible went off by themselves into nature to pray.

Question: How patient are you with people who do not have the same capabilities that you do?

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