Can you be a bad listener and a good Christian?

What is the best way to share the effect Christ has had on me? The answer: genuinely listen to others about their life. It may seem contrary to keep quiet to evangelize, but love requires listening and effective evangelism requires love.


Recently I dropped my wife off at the grocery store. When I picked her up she exploded in excitement saying that the receipt should have said $90 but we saved $40 in coupons. Instead of listening to her excitement and appreciating her hard work, I shared some information I was waiting to tell her. Instead of thanking her for the hard work, I directed the conversation to me. Instead of listening and loving her, you get the idea.

Sometimes I am a horrible listener, but I have great motivation to be the best listener in the room. I have great motivation to evangelize (love) my wife.

Question: How are your listening skills? 

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