No More New Year’s Resolutions, Solutions Only

Plenty has been said on the failures of New Year’s resolutions, but how much has been said about finding the solution for you. I suggest the adoption of New Year’s Solutions, because that is the answer. A resolution is a decision to do something, but how do you know that thing is the answer.


I have tried the wrong diet or exercise program several times. Resolving to do them and sticking with it was not the problem, the problem was that they were not the solution. This year I am spending more time on finding the right solutions for my life. There is no need for me to make a decision to do something if I know it is right for me. The “why” carries me through a solution when fatigue and laziness set in.

One of my favorite movie lines which has often helped me in life is from City Slickers. As they are herding cattle in the rain one of the main characters says, “I don’t know where we are going but we are making great time.” I think that quote is the essence of a New Year’s Resolution, people saying “I don’t know what I am doing but at least I am doing something.”

Question: Are you ready to find your solution rather than look busy with an activity? 

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