I Achieved My Goal, Now What?

For 19 years I have been trying to visit the Florida Keys and more specifically Key West. I have my own reasons, one of them being warmer weather! I had a free day during a recent trip to Miami and was actually hesitant to travel to Key West.


I had convinced myself to settle for Key Largo, the first key in a string of beautiful islands, while considering the trip the night before. Then I realized I was the only obstacle to fulfilling my 19 year dream of visiting Key West. Why was I hesitant? I was worried that my expectations far outweighed the possible experience, and I am thankful that I was wrong. The experience exceeded all my dreams the way a perfect day should.

When the 19 years of waiting was over, I was unsure of what to think about in my free time. I realized I need some new goals which will be worth years of perseverance.

This trip helped me to remember that I need to appreciate my past while brewing excitement about the future. The last twelve months of my life have continued to reveal blessings in areas I did not know to look. Last May I FINALLY graduated from college after starting in 1997. In July I was hired for my dream job, to work with the church full-time and my recent degree helped me get the job. My job took me to Miami last week and allowed me the time to go listen to 75% of God’s creation, the ocean, from the perspective of the Florida Keys.

Sometimes when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, it just means that it will take longer than expected but is still worth while.

We were designed to be in fellowship with God. Lately my fellowship with God is growing, which is a reminder of my only obstacle, myself.

Question: Do you have areas in your life where you might be the obstacle?

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  1. Great post! I didn’t realize that was a goal for you until recently. Wow! I knew you loved Florida and wanted to move there, but I didn’t know this.


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