doTerra Has Helped Me Love My Neighbor.

I was first introduced to essential oils 30 years ago by a close family friend. In 1995, when my family joined the Orthodox Christian Church, we learned more about essential oils in the form of Holy Chrism. Then in 2010 I took classes to get certified in aromatherapy and have been professionally working with oils ever since. I at least have a long history with essential oils if nothing else.

When doTerra first came out I did not pay much attention to it. In less than two years I had friends and loved ones choosing doTerra over my services and advice. To say the least it ruffled my feathers. I felt like the bull in a china shop trying to convince people not to use doTerra.

bullinchinashopNow I wonder if I was the bully. I have lost friends on facebook, friends at church, and more because of my preaching against doTerra. I lost the practice of loving my neighbor. It took me awhile to discover I was trying to shame people away from doTerra, when all I needed to do was love them.

I publicly apologize for making anyone feel awkward, uncomfortable, or guilty for using doTerra. I have not changed my opinion, but I have changed my attitude and goal. I aspire to love everyone around me, especially those I disagree with, because “if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.” Luke 6:32

I was using doTerra to create a wall between me and others, even within the body of Christ! I am now intentionally using doTerra to love my neighbor.

Question: Are you seeking to understand your differences with others, or shutting them out of your life?


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