Is Thanksgiving A Holiday Or A Habit?

Growing up my dad always talked about the slippery slope of holidays. He would remind me every Valentines that if he did not love his wife the rest of the year, how could Valentines be sincere? He would also mention this in relation to Sunday only Christians. Christianity has been plagued for years by those who are a different person (possibly the real person) Monday through Saturday.

I wonder how much I give thanks the other 364 days of the year. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I consider this verse to connect the two:


These next few weeks are magical. How rare it is to be reminded of being thankful before being reminded of God’s love on Christmas. America is blessed to begin the advent season with a Thanksgiving holiday. Being thankful over the next few weeks will hopefully become a habit for us, not just a holiday. As the turkey coma subsides, let us be stuffed with thanksgiving in our hearts. Let us remember the habit of thanksgiving between the holidays.

Question: Is thanksgiving a habit or a holiday for you?

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