The Influence of Pain On Temperament

For several years I have been helping people in pain, either physically or emotionally, by using essential oils. It took me too long to realize the impact pain has on a person. There was one patient, her fake name will be Judy, who stood out. Judy was in a bad mood during treatments, the kind of bad mood which made her an unwanted patient. In the beginning I had wished she would go to someone else. I was frustrated by her negative temperament. Within a few months her temperament changed from negative to neutral. After six months of essential oils she was fun to be around.


I did not see the obvious changes, because I was with her weekly during treatments. At the time I believed people could choose to be in a better mood. I still believe that people can choose their attitude, but my compassion grew when I was in a car accident this past January and retained a shoulder injury. For several months I was in pain and in a bad mood.

I had no idea I was in a bad mood. I only knew I was in a lot of pain. I have found this connection between pain and temperaments to be common. The pain is not always physical. Divorce, the death of a loved one, being fired and more can all create a debilitating pain.

The next time you are near someone who is in a bad mood, consider the source of that bad mood and realize that compassion is needed. You will be amazed how often people do not realize they are in a bad mood. They are too busy coping with the pain.

Question: Do you have a ‘pain’ which affected your temperament?

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