The Confusion Between Weaknesses And Character Flaws

A weakness is like the weather, you cannot control it. The good news is you can alter something else, character flaws. A character flaws is like wearing shorts and a t-shirt in a blizzard.


Unlike your weaknesses, you should overcome character flaws. Flaws includes items such as dishonesty, arrogance, or greed. Character flaws are what make us weak.

Knowing your weaknesses will help you plan for obstacles. Weaknesses may be found in the following areas: administration, public speaking, teaching, analyzing, brainstorming, etc. For example, it was difficult to admit my weakness in management. As an entrepreneur I am strong at generating and implementing ideas, but not ongoing management.

Today distinguish between your weaknesses and character flaws. Find a mentor to help you explore which areas of your life should be changed.

Be aware and content with weaknesses, but be discontent with your character flaws.

Question: Are you worried about weakness when you should embrace your strength?

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