You Are A Great Communicator

Today imagine yourself in the future as a great communicator. Embrace a quote from Steven Covey to “begin with the end in mind.”


Today you can daydream, imagine, pretend, and indulge your desires. Imagine yourself as the best listener in the room. Imagine superhuman hearing. Imagine outside the box.

Be specific and detail-oriented in your daydreaming. Does your voice sound different? Are you louder or quieter? Has your posture or expression changed? Are people finally receiving your message the way you intended?

Continue to daydream, because these daydreams are actually your goals once you put a date on them.

The message in our head matters and influences who we are. Today say to yourself, “I am a great communicator.” Make this a regular thought. It may feel weird or even like you are lying, but begin with the end in mind.

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