Why The Word Evangelism Gives People The Heebie-Jeebies

Sometimes people knock on my door and it is great; others knock and they are difficult and are not interested in a conversation. Sometimes I talk to people about my job on evangelism and it is great; sometimes there are furtive glances and difficult pauses. So what determines the positive conversations? What determines effective evangelism? After over a year of research, I have gathered 7 principles of evangelism which are effective without furtive glances and awkward silence. This collection of principles is called Attentive Evangelism, and it is catching fire because evangelism requires love and love requires listening.


Here are the principles of Attentive Evangelism.

  1. The Great Commandment: When loving them is more important than changing them, your love will change them. Do not have a motive other than love.
  2. The Rich Man: Answer questions with questions. Clarify what they are asking for.
  3. Still Small Voice: Do not worry about being interesting, focus on being authentically interested.
  4. Parables: A valuable story explains the situation of the person in front of you. Listen to their story.
  5. God’s Creation: The person in front of you was made in the image of God. Give an affirmation. Affirmation is not agreement, because people are not right or wrong. Affirmation is understanding, not approval.
  6. The Woman At The Well: Do not share scriptures, they do not have authority with non-Christians. Share experiences, experiences are listened to.
  7. Mars Hill: Know the person in front of you, know who you are conversing with. Do not make assumptions about them.

While this is not a comprehensive presentation on Attentive Evangelism, this post shares the basic principles. Attentive Evangelism removes the ulterior motive of converting them and replaces it with loving them the way God loves us. God does not pressure us, force us, or demand an answer. He loves us where we are and speaks to us in a still small voice. He speaks to us the way we should speak to others.

Question: Does Attentive Evangelism resonate with you, or are you more interested in other principles?

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