I Drive Past Subway To Get To Subway

This post is not an advertisement for or against Subway (I love Subway). But I do drive past one Subway to get to another one, about an extra five minutes to be exact. My reasons are practical, and it is worth every minute. I have to purchase a catering order from Subway today and considered going to the closer location but not gonna do it!


I believe in respecting your society. If I visit a different culture I try to learn the customs to be respectful. As I have traveled around America some places are nicer while others are in such a rush I wonder if we are getting charged by the second.

The Subway closer to me has not learned local customs. In the south people are calm and friendly, but the employees at this Subway were rude and annoyed by my presence. They were so annoyed, I did not see the value in filing a complaint. I was convinced they would bite my head off if I said anything negative. After awhile the product was not worth the pain. Every time I drive the extra five minutes I wonder how the other store is doing and if they have improved their customer service.

I try to remember Subway when people are working with me. Is my product painful? Lesser products often win out because a competitor figured out how to go beyond removing the pain and making the experience pleasurable.

Several years ago it was customary to advertise new phone with rebates in small print. Best Buy decided to remove the pain and ate the rebates to set themselves apart. Fast forward and Best Buy has set the standard on buying a new cell phone without rebates.

How we leave others feeling is important. The Subway close to me has not learned this lesson, but others have. This has been true in my banking, my restaurant choices, and gas stations. I pursue the enjoyable employees and avoid the miserable ones. I pursue the companies who have removed the pain. I pursue the companies who listen.

Question: Whether your product is a sandwich, electronics, or yourself, have you considered the pain in purchasing your product?

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