Potty Training Is Unnatural: Acquiring The Discipline Of Love

theservantThe following is an except from The Servant, by James C. Hunter, beginning on page 162, about what we think is human nature but is actually a highly developed habit. Comfort zones are the same. You may like your comfort zone and even think it is you, but it is beyond our comfort zone where we finally become human beings.

“You know, Simeon,” the sergeant said more quietly, “I’ve been thinking about my comment to you earlier in the week about how this loving behavior seems unnatural. Lee called me on it and pointed out that I do choose to act that way for important people. But it really doesn’t come naturally to me and I get overwhelmed just thinking about trying it with my troops. It just doesn’t seem like human nature.”
The principle offered another quote. “Human nature-that’s ‘Going to the bathroom in your pants,’ one expert says.”
“Well, isn’t that special! Where did you get that one?” the sergeant drawled.
“From the author of The Road Less Traveled, a psychiatrist and lecturer named M. Scott Peck,” said Theresa, grinning. “It does sound a bit rough on the surface, but I think his point is rather profound. To a young child, potty training seems like the most unnatural thing in the world. It is so much easier to just let it all go in your pants. But in time, this unnatural act soon becomes natural as the child practices self-discipline and develops the habit of using the toilet.”
“I suppose that is true of any discipline,” the nurse suggested. “Whether it’s learning to use the toilet, brushing our teeth, learning to read and write, or virtually any new skill we discipline ourselves to learn. In fact, now that I think about it, discipline is teaching ourselves to do what is not natural.”

In closing we should remember that love may not feel natural, just as the sergeant said above. It may feel unnatural to love a neighbor who is difficult, mean, or nosy. It may feel unnatural to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, but that is what we were made for.

Question: Are you still wearing diapers in some areas of your life? Are you ready to expand beyond your comfort zone? 

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