Reflections On A New Post By John C. Maxwell

Michael Hyatt recently had John C. Maxwell guest post on leadership at his website. The post, “The Most Important Question A Leader Can Ask” can be found here:

paradigmshiftI admit I was not excited about the title. The beginning immediately made me question how good I am as a person, but I continued to read it because I love the advice of Maxwell.

Until recently I did not consider myself a leader. One of the main reasons I avoided considering myself a leader is tackled at the end of the article. Maxwell gave me new perspective on motives, and I am thankful for that. He gave me a needed paradigm shift.

Questioning motives can be difficult. My father-in-law is famous for saying “separate someone’s motive from their method. Usually the motive is good even if the method is bad.” That statement has created a lot of tension around the idea of motives. So when Maxwell told me to question my motives, my preconceived notions made me uncomfortable.

But then Maxwell said something which put the whole article into perspective. Challenging our own motives does not mean we are doubting our character:

If you have poor character, your motives will probably be bad. But you can have solid character and still fall prey to bad motives. That’s because motives are usually attached to specific situations or actions. Character is based on values.”

The guilt lifted as I read those sentences. My character is based on my values. Although I would like to say I always have good motives, there are times when I am selfish and my motives are not pure. My character has stayed in tact when I allow those I trust to help me align my motives with my character.

Maxwell finished the post with a recommendation to evaluate your motives on a regular basis, because selfishness will always be a temptation.

Question: Are you ready to evaluate your motives? 

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