5 Signs of a Lazy (lousy) Listener

Lazy listening saps your productivity and creates credibility issues. Are you already tired from reading this far? If so, you need to exercise your listening muscles.


Making it this far is a good sign you are not a lazy listener. Here is the list:

1. Bad Investor: You invest more time in your thoughts while people are talking than you do in the conversation, and you do it on purpose! Your listening portfolio is quickly losing value with this bad habit.

2. Faking It: You are acting like you are listening, but I know you are not. The lights are on but nobody is home. I just mentioned an unrelated fact about aliens and you kept nodding your head. Faker!

3. Stab & Shift: You make a jerky comment half-way through my story and then change the subject. Not only are you being mean, you did not let me finish. Might as well throw me in the river when you are done.

4. Redirection: Every time I tell you something you make it about you and try to trump what I said. If my dog died, two of your dogs died. If I lost my job, you were fired and sued on the same day. If I got a publishing deal for my book, you won an award for your first novel. You care more about your experience than anyone else’s.

5. Combative: No matter what I say you disagree. I could be quoting a virologist from the CDC in Atlanta and I am wrong. I might even compliment you, but you tear it down. At least litigation requires back and forth. You just jab, jab, jab.

Sometimes lazy listeners need a water balloon in the face. Don’t be a Lazy Larry or an Indifferent Ingrid. Workout and strengthen those listening muscles.

Question: Tell me about the worst listener you have ever known.

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