5 Reasons AM/FM Stations Are Part Of My Routine

I prefer podcasts, audio books, and internet stations, but the radio waves are still worth surfing. Here are 5 reasons I continue to tune in.


1. Staying Connected: I can easily get out of touch with society. When I am controlling the content I often become disconnected with the world. By tuning in to current media I am able to get a small splash of information. Also, radio trends faster than video, and almost as fast as the internet. I have noticed only a 2 day delay at the most for a radio story versus the internet. On TV it can take even longer because of the production cost for video. Forget TMZ and E! network, because it only takes minutes on a local radio station to get updated.

2. Hearing The Other Side: I have two stations programmed with political talk shows, one liberal and one conservative. No matter my opinion, hearing both sides keeps me informed. Also, hearing one side of an argument all the time gets boring. I want to hear discussions, and with my finger on the buttons I decide when it is the other guy’s turn. The “Other Side” is helping me expand my comfort zone.

3. New Music: As much as I love hearing someone talk about the history of Christianity for an hour, new music is nice. It took me awhile to realize that every song I like was at one point a new song. Hearing new artists and new material can be fun and rejuvenating.

4. Soundbites: You may be different, but soundbites of the news are all I can swallow these days. I consider news on the radio an audible version of RSS feeders. I hear tidbits of today’s stories and then Google the interesting ones. Also, this habit has given me material during more than one conversation when awkward silence was approaching.

5. Easy: Sometimes it is too much hassle to connect my iPhone or find a CD from 1996 I have not ripped yet. On a short ride in the car, I only have to push one button to play some highway music.

Just yesterday a U2 song came on I haven’t heard in a long time. I was glad I tuned in.

Question: What radio stations are you still listening to? Feel free to comment with your answer.

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