Frequency vs Length

When I changed the membership plan at Herbal Health & Wellness, I made the argument that frequency was more valuable than length of treatment. To give an example, I quoted working out three times a week for 15 minutes vs. working out once a week for one hour. The one-hour workout cumulatively had more time involved, but lacked momentum. 

The same is true for most things in our lives when examining frequency vs length. Is it better to spend one hour every day with my children or instead 10 hours only on the weekends? If I had to choose, I would definitely choose the one hour every day, even though the 10 hour plan would give literally give me more time each week with my children. I would feel disconnected from my children during the week if I only spent 10 hours with them on the weekend. 


Self-care, diets, prayer, etc. This rule of thumb should be examined more often. I often use the excuse to not do something because I can’t put the time in, but in truth that excuse allowed me to skip the item completely rather than devote appropriate time. A five minute walk is better than no walk. A five minute conversation with my wife tonight before I go to bed is better than no conversation. In other words, I am still debating the balance between quality and quantity. When I find the answer I might share it.

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